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About and history
TrueSchool Ascii was founded in 2003 as an Amiga style ascii group. The
original members were me (dMG), Skope, Soxius and Acorn.

It dissolved sometime during 2004, and has since then been hibernating.

As the only member left, In spring 2009, i started creating some ascii
related tcl scripts for EggDrop, and wiped the dust off the old group
name so that i would have a label to release them under :). It culminated
in late April when i released the current version of UseDIZ, a consolidated
botscript for Eggdrop with some cool features such as diz extraction out
of plain text files and much more... Download it from the file area.

After joining Divine Stylers around easter, i decided to stop using the t!s
group for pure ascii releases and instead started focusing on other more or
less ascii related things such as the tcl scripts, and the long awaited update
to my old Amiga fonts package which i had promised so many people for so long

But the wait is finally over! The new font pack is now available for download

If you want to contribute for using the fonts or tcl code present on this
page, or if you just feel generous for any other reason :), you can click
the PayPal button below. Your contribution will be highly appreciated!

If you want to contact me, you can do so by emailing asciiscene@gmail.com.

I will not be your multiplatform font expert, computer support person or html
guru (unless you pay me well ;)), so emails with such requests will be treated
as spam and thus will be ignored or even filtered.

Please do contact me for any other reason though! :)

About font embedding
This page supports font embedding that was reintroduced with the CSS3 standard
and that has been present in IE for quite some time now. What you should see
on this page is the kickstart 2.x+ version of Topaz(Plus). If you see some
other, standard system font, you should update your browser to a CSS3
compatible version.

It has been successfully tested using Firefox v3.5.2, Opera v10.0 and IE v6 and
v8 in Windows, Firefox v3.5.2 and v3.6 alpha in Linux, and Safari v3.4.1, v4.0.x
and Firefox v3.5.2 in OSX.

Font embedding will not work with a Firefox version lower than 3.5, or any
current version of Google Chrome (tested with v2.0.172.28).

Read the Multi Platform Amiga Fonts v1.0 README for information on how to use
font embedding on your home page.

This site's contents, concept and design are (C)2003-2009 dMG/t!s^dS!
and/or the respective copyright holder.